• Saara & Ozzy

In the beginning there was... a beginning.

... And before that beginning numerous pasts, presents, moments and turns. And after that beginning an indefinite number of new beginnings.

What is a “beginning” really? A moment that we decide to be the starting point of something new. So basically a moment we have given a meaning for. So I guess it can be any moment.

I find this thought comforting as it means I can begin whenever I want and on a theoretical level there is an opportunity to start over every single moment. Easier said than done right? That is why I said on a “theoretical” level. In our mind everything can be possible, but in our physical presence we are limited with oh so many things.

What is this blaah blaah about beginnings? It is an introduction to this new blog venture we decided to BEGIN NOW!

This blog is a "Cross Cultural Conversation” and is created through a creative co-writing process by two individuals living on two different continents and cultures in this same world. Two intellectual creative minds who used to enjoy digging deep with long conversations when physically in the same room. Two totally different people from two very different worlds and backgrounds who found a connection.

We shall introduce ourselves by an honest review about each others.

OZZY (written by Saara)

One of the endless beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania (2013)

Ozzy in a nutshell? I don’t think there is a nut big enough to manage that. Even a coconut would crack under the complexity of this beautiful human being.

When I first landed on the continent of Africa as a naive and clueless white chick, Ozzy was there to steere me to get comfortable in that world. Ozzy’s tall and skinny figure with a huge smile and deep laughter became quickly my safe zone during this first visit to Tanzania. (Sidenote: Africa is not a country, and I do need to apologise for feeding stereotypes in my previous blog “Life in Africa” by misusing terminology. I am not naive and clueless anymore.)

Ozzy’s mind is brilliant and creativity endless. As a choreographer and artistic director his skills are undeniable. This brilliant mind and creative soul does however get carried away easily and occasionally he needs to be anchored down a bit. Ozzy hates stupidity and stupid people make him furious. I have also heard rumours of him being a strict and demanding founder of Yawa Dance Company whipping the dancers into shape.

Ozzy embodies extremes. For some reason when I started writing this a line from a song came to my head: “…When am down I get real down, when am high I don’t come down…” (Issues by Julia Michaels). Ozzy is in a constant shift and motion and continues surfing his way through this ocean called life. During those years our paths were on the same continent he became a friend, partner, brother, “bonus husband” and I witnessed all extremes from smooth sailing to storms and from shipwrecks to tailwind.

I could go endlessly on about him and tell amazing stories down from our memory lane, but it is best you get to know him yourself through this blog. And if you ever do have the pleasure to meet him, ask him to cook for you as he is an amazing chef.

SAARA (Written by Ozzy)

One of the thousand lakes in Finland (2013)

Saara is a practical team player. One who will break down our endless tirade of creative ideas into real facts and figures. I and most of my creative lads like to avoid this part because we somehow believe in our limitless capacity to "do crazy amazing shit", as we like to say. When the road hits the rubber, she is actually a better "driver" than the rest of us "dream chasers".

Apart from being an amazing dancer and choreographer she is in her own right a creative thinker and maker. Dance, music, family and true friends as well as anything creative are her first loves. Always one for the non-conventional and innovative sense and style to life. Your 'why not' kind of girl. Not to say that she would rather die for everything she believes. But she will never eat dagaa (small smelly local fish) even if she needed it to breathe!

When she decided to live in East Africa, many of her friends and family including herself were a bit surprised. A few months and years in, it was definitely not what she expected on many levels but pleasantly suprising. Read more on our subsequent episodes.

I could go more and more about her but I'll let you be the judge of that as you keep tuning in. I'd like you to create your own persona based on the perspectives you find here rather than depend on mine. But if you ever run into her I must warn you about her fits of anger especially when she has had enough bullshit coming her way. Also beware, she may come off a bit patronising in these state of affairs but I assure you she means well. A superbly kind mama who will volunteer here and there and also take in a local homeless dog rather than buy a pompous pedigree. (If she could afford one, haha!)


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